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March 11, 2019
Beth Klebe

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What is in a car…?

I would like to share a story that might be a little humorous for some and not so humorous for others. I will let you decide for yourself…

What is in a car? Well, there is a steering wheel, a gas pedal, a break pedal, a few seats and a shifter. And, Oh yea, there is a motor.

So, the adventure begins…

There once was a 16 year old daughter who was aloud to take her parents vehicle for a drive one summer night. Daughter climbs into car and sits in drivers seat. Daughter starts car like any normal human being. Next, she presses the brake pedal before shifting car into gear. So far, everything is going smoothly and without issues. I mean why would there be…? After all, the state issued daughter a drivers license, so she must be a good driver, right? Anyways, daughter finally presses gas pedal and slowly drives away.

Now there is proud mamma. Who views her sweet dumpling nothing short of perfection. Mamma waves frantically at her precious angel, as a tear rolls down her cheek…, her baby is growing up.

Then, there is dad. The proud owner of an impressive, jet black SUV, with chrome trim, mag wheels, and a decked out stereo. Dad stands silently. As he shutters. While watching his sweet, little, walking disaster drive off in his expensive investment…that has just 5 monthly installments left…until paid in full.

So, as the story goes, Daughter picks up friend from friend’s house. Daughter goes through usual driving steps with no problems.

Daughter and friend decide to drive out in the country for reasons unknown (they probably saw a fluffy bunny or something). Daughter and friend get bored with country-side.

Daughter decides to turn vehicle around on gravel road. Daughter misjudges distance between front bumper and ditch. Daughter drives in ditch. Daughter continues to drive in ditch. Vehicle comes to an abrupt stop. Daughter shifts in reverse. Vehicle doesn’t move. Daughter and friend get out of car to inspect the situation. They determine that the bumper is hung up on a large rock (which daughter described as a boulder).

Daughter and friend somehow (dad never figured this out) get vehicle unstuck. Daughter shifts car in drive. Disturbing noise rumbles loudly from motor. Daughter presses brake. Vehicle stops.

Daughter is not sure if she actually heard a disturbing noise. So, daughter shifts vehicle back into drive. After Daughter and friend turn down music they confirm that there is indeed a disturbing noise.

Dad receives call…

The rest is history.

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