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March 20, 2019
Beth Klebe

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My Next Project

I started watching Sharper Iron every morning with Pastor Jonathan Fisk a few months ago. Sharper Iron is a live hour long Bible study that he hosts through KFUO Radio. He has a guest pastor on every day as they share their knowledge of the passage set aside for that day.

Anyways, my next project requires myself to do an in-depth study of Genesis 1 in the Bible. Fortunately for me, Pr. Fisk just happened to start Genesis 1 a few weeks ago!

I thought to myself, “Awesome! Now I do not have to bug my Pastor with questions about how heaven and earth were formed, how the first man and woman were made, how the devil deceived Adam and Eve, or why they were all kicked out of the Garden.”

I wasn’t too worried though, I knew all the answers to those questions. I did not foresee myself needing a lot of clarification on those subjects. I mean after all, I was a Preschool and Early Learning Sunday School Teacher, for like 15 years! What could be so hard about Genesis?

Ohhhhh myyyyy, I did NOT know how in-depth Genesis could be! I was blown away with what I did not know. I did not fully understand how things happened, why they had to happen, or the way they had to happen. I did not realize the extent of how the events in the Old Testament (including Genesis 1) connected with certain events in the New Testament! Wow!

Yah.., Sunday School knowledge was no match for this Seminary Level Bible Study! Do not get me wrong, I am not scared away by it, I am quite the opposite. I am excited and energized by the depth of the passages and stories in the Bible. I am fascinated by how the events link through time, from beginning to end!

However, my Pastor does not get off the hook from my never ending questions. I am more inquisitive now than ever! Lucky him.., with Lent starting, I am sure he just loves seeing me entering the church in the middle of the afternoon! I swear, sometimes I smell smoke lingering in the air after I walk through the doors. I suspect it is from Pastor Reimche’s shoes as he tears down the hallway in the opposite direction when he sees me coming! I am positive that I even heard a silent scream in the distance somewhere…

For all you church followers out there, I am sure you understand that Lent is one of the busiest times of the year Ministers. The last thing they need is a pesky church member digging up dirt on the details of Genesis.

Get it? …Dirt …Adam …Sin …Death… Anyways, consider yourselves forewarned, I think that I am hilariously “punny” at times!

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