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April 12, 2019
Beth Klebe

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Am I A Christian?

Someone asked me, “Are you a Christian…”

I answered, “Yes.” Then they continued to ask how I became a Christian because they were interested in becoming one, too.

“How did I become a Christian?” I repeated. “Well…, I suppose I became a Christian when I was baptized.”

After I asked them if they were baptized, they could not tell me. Their parents never told them if they were or not. I think it was pretty safe bet that they were not, baptized. However, I told them that they should find out anyways. I figured that if they were serious enough to find out, then I would be serious enough to introduce them to my pastor.

When they got back to me, they informed me that they did not believe that they were baptized. They wanted to know how they could get baptized. Right there and then, I called my pastor and asked if he could meet with “Bill and Bob”.

It worked out perfect because my pastor was free to meet with them right away. So, they followed me to the church, I walked them in, introduced them to my pastor, and left them to discuss what it means to be Christian.

What is the right answer to this question. “When does a person become a Christian…?”

Did Bill and Bob become a Christian when they approached me about becoming one? Did they become a Christian when they agreed to meet with my pastor? Did they become a Christian when they walked through the church doors and shook Pastor’s hand? Or, do they become a Christian after they get baptized? I mean, they obviously believed in God, or they wouldn’t have told me that they wanted to become a Christian. So, does that mean they already were one? What makes a Christian? What do you need to go through in order to become one?

Good question… If anyone knows the answer, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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