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April 16, 2019
Beth Klebe

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Notre Dame Cathedral

My heart sank when I watched live coverage of the Notre Dame Cathedral on fire. What a horrendous thing to happen to such a beautiful and historical place!

People are commenting that they do not think we need a building to worship God. They claim that people in Africa worship outside and do not need a building to call a church. They are saying, “Why did they need such an elaborate building like the Notre Dame Cathedral anyways?” And, “They never held church service in there anyways.” (which, by the way is not true) And, “It would be foolish to restore it!” And, “There are needy people in this world. Why spend money on fixing this?”

Okay, first of all, instead of just saying that they were sorry this happened, especially to God’s home, they criticized it for ever existing in the first place. This is coming from Christian people who proclaim God as their Father and Jesus as their Savior. This baffles me. Where is their compassion? Why are they acting this way?

For one thing, I know sin has something to do with it. Our Old Adam; the thing responsible for our original sinful nature, is showing its ugly face. Why would someone (or a group of people) lack compassion for others who suffered this horrific event? Why would they not care that this magnificent building went up in flames? If this was a museum, then would they care? Why do they act so cold?

Well, one thing comes to mind… Jealousy. Also known as the “Green Eyed Monster”!

Who fuels this jealousy? Satan. The Devil. Beelzebub. The Prince of Darkness. Lucifer. The Tempter…

No matter what you call him, his name refers to one thing, God’s enemy.

*Remember people, jealousy is a dangerous thing… And it is one of Satan’s most effective methods to use against us.

Some people might feel that it is only the Protestants who are feeling this jealousy right now. It does not matter which denomination you are, THIS IS GOD’S HOUSE, and it affects us all! And, it should affect us ALL, in a compassionate way!

In one way or another, this Cathedral fire has an impact on us…, which way does it impact you?

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