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May 3, 2019
Beth Klebe

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Mixed Up Beans

I am a Christian women who always tries to do her best to live according to God’s will. This should come easy, right?

WRONG! Oh, how very wrong you are if you said, ‘yes’! No matter how hard I try, I always fall short and come up sinning!

I remember waking up one morning angry because my neighbor was mowing the lawn at the crack of dawn, again! Now, I do not believe it was a sin to feel frustrated that my neighbor continually chooses to mow his law early in the morning. Noooo, where I went wrong is what I did next.

I was sound to sleep in my bed when I was awaken to the sound of my neighbor’s lawn mower buzzing under my window at 6am. I swear, he must mow his lawn at least six days a week! I instantly felt frustration bubble up inside of me. I felt like going out there and yanking the spark plugs right out of the thing! Then, I realized that I would have to actually get out of bed to do it…

As I laid in my bed pondering how I should handle the intrusion, I began to imagine him on his big green eating machine. I wished his lawn mower would just blow-up into a thousand little pieces!

I giggled out loud as I imagined him screaming across the yard as his big green grasshopper exploded. Ahhhhh, the satisfaction I felt…

I am pretty sure I broke some Commandments while my imagination was running amuck. I am sure wishing ill thoughts on my neighbor is a sin. Not to mention laughing at his misfortune. And I am sure God was frowning upon the satisfaction I was feeling while imaging it…

I never pretend to be perfect. And I never pretend be sin free. I never was a good lier and I do not think I could start now.

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