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May 19, 2019
Beth Klebe

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

I recently had a discussion with someone who is having a hard time believing that there is God, and they do not believe that the Bible is true or even believe that Satan exists. These are all dangerous things! How do you get someone to understand this? How do you get someone to believe you? How do you get someone to have faith?

I have always heard people say that the Bible does not make sense or that the Bible is too hard to believe. I think to myself, “Just because it does not make sense to you, does not mean that it is not true…” Then I hear them say, “Well, scientists say,…”


Whenever you try to bring science into the Bible, there are things in there that cannotĀ be scientifically explained and it will not make sense. But, there again, that does not mean it is false or not true. These things are called miracles. Miracles are things that nobody, not even scientists, can explain. If it can be explained, then it wouldn’t be a miracle.

There is an age old question… If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound…?

Logic tells us, “Yes, of course a tree falling in the forest would make a sound…” However, if you were not there to witness it, how can you be certain that this is true? Don’t you NEED to witness something before you can say that it is true?

Okay, let’s say that someone was there to actually witness the tree falling and heard it make a sound. Would you believe them if they told you it did? Wouldn’t that require trust or faith that they were telling you the truth?

If something does not make sense, people won’t believe it, even if it is documented with witnesses all saying the same thing. However, if something is not hard to believe, people will not question it or give it a second thought.

Take the Bible for instance. Everything that is written in the Bible was documented by people who witnessed it themselves or was witnessed by one or more persons, but people refuse to believe it to be true.

People believe scientists when they say that dinosaurs lived millions and billions of years ago without batting an eyelash. In all actuality, the only thing that scientists know is that dinosaurs really did exist. But they are not certain how long ago they roamed the earth. If you carefully listen to them, they always say, “we believe…”

When you read the Holy Bible, you need to have faith that what you are reading is true. If you do not or cannot believe in what the Bible says, that simply means that you do not have faith. If you do not have faith, you will never believe.

Faith means that even though you do not understand or things do not make sense, you know it to be true. Faith strengthens by reading the Bible, attending weekly Sunday Services, talking to your Pastor, attending Bible study and talking to others.

Faith weakens when you start to second guess what you are reading. Faith weakens when you begin to doubt. When you begin to doubt, the devil is succeeding in twisting things around to make you confused. Confusion makes you doubt. Doubt makes you weak in faith. Weak in faith leads to unbelief. So, keep your faith strengthened by doing these things. You cannot afford to be weak!

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