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June 9, 2019
Beth Klebe

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For the Love of Coffee! …and God.

Grant me coffee to help change the things I can, and God to help me change the things I can’t…

For those of you who judge the failure that I might I have when it comes to my obsession with coffee (and blankets), then I have one thing to say to you, “take the plank out of your eye”! And then, we will sit down and have a mug of my Exquisite Delight in a Cup.

However, I will not share my blankets…

Even though I am just kidding, I have to admit, coffee is a HUGE part of my everyday life. The way I see it, God made coffee beans for a reason, and I am just fulfilling my part by drinking it!

I have to admit though, the love I feel for my Warm Cup of Awesomeness, might be slightly unhealthy. When panic rushes through me like a hot flash going through a 60yr old menopausal women at just the thought of being nowhere near my Velvety Cup of Tranquility during my Noon Time Coffee Hour, it doesn’t take Dr. Freud to diagnose the delicate obsession I have for coffee. I hear some people might have the same issue with Oreo cookies…

I even have little “pet names” for the time of day I will allow myself to have a Deliciousness Cup of Magnificence. If I did not set limits for how often I let myself have a Cup of Silk, I think my blood would probably run black. I figure that I am doing the lab technicians at my doctor’s office a favor. I mean, could you imagine the horror they might experience if they drew black blood? I am really just thinking of their psychological and emotional well-being!

In all seriousness, I really am quite captivated (okay, possessed) by coffee. I really do roast my own beans. I really do have set times of the day along with a set number of mugs that I allow myself to drink in one day. And I really do own five different coffee machines, six different grinders, two different Pour Overs, one AeroPress and one French Press. This is not including what I have in the camper! And, in a pinch, I just pop a handful of roasted beans in my mouth. Don’t panic, I just do a few at a time!

Okay, if we are going to be totally honest with each other, one of the only ways I can get myself out of bed in the morning is to think about the Hot Cup of Affection that is waiting for me out in the kitchen. Too much info? Sorry…

Yes, I realize, I have issues.

Now I will try to take my mind of coffee and focus on the thing that should be a huge part of my everyday life and that is the Bible. I am passionate about the Ten Commandments these days because I realize how much depth and meaning there is in each and every Commandment!

Does the Commandment ‘Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me’ only mean that we should not worship any other religion’s god other than our own…? Oh heck no. It means so much more than that! It also means not to be idolizing anything or depending on anyone more than our Father in Heaven. It means not putting anything, including our family, before God.

Now, an ordained Pastor could explain this a lot better than I can, but I gave an overview of what it means by not having any other gods before Him.

So, do you think my obsession for the Delightful Cup of Heaven falls under this Commandment? I think it does?

Am I breaking this Commandment by loving coffee? No.

Am I breaking this Commandment if I love coffee more than God? YES!

However, my obsession with coffee isn’t breaking only this Commandment, it is breaking others, too.

I am going to give you an example, but this is clearly hypothetical. Let’s say that I snuck a thermos of coffee (Not a huge one! Just a Traveling one…) into the sanctuary of our church even though the “Wicked Witch of the West” told me to leave it in the narthex. Which Commandment would I be breaking?

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