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February 21, 2020
Beth Klebe

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Do you love coffee? Me, too! About 5 years ago I started roasting my own beans from a reputable coffee company. They travel to different regions searching for the best coffee beans to sell to the consumer. This led me to buying a real roaster and I was sold. I have been roasting green coffee beans ever since.

I write children’s books for a hobby and I make my living buying and selling cattle. I live on a real working cattle ranch, but ATV’s are our horses. About 25 years ago, I purchased my first pair of registered red angus heifers (yearling cows that have never calved before). I have been raising and selling bulls ever since.

Anyways, when I got into registered red angus, I needed to provide our ranch name. Even though my husband was raised on the ranch, they never had a name for their place. When you want to market and belong to a particular cattle breed, you need to provide your ranch name. So, my husband and I put on our thinking caps.

He wanted to name the ranch, The Lazy K. I did not like that because I thought everyone would think that we didn’t work! So, he wanted to call the ranch, The Iron Horse, because we ride 4-wheelers to round up our cattle instead of horses. I thought that was pretty clever, but still was not sold. I decided that we should plant a large Ash tree in the middle of the yard and call it, The Big Ash Ranch! I thought that was an awesome name, but my husband wouldn’t go for it. He has no sense of humor!

Anyways, so we compromised and went with, Klebe Red Angus. We used our last name and then put the cows breed after it. Real creative… But it stuck and we still go by it today.

I told you about my hobby and my job… but I never told you why I started this site. As I already stated, I absolutely love coffee and I love to write, so I figured why not combine the two and write about coffee!

Oh, and I also work for our local newspaper as the advertising assistant. That is a whole other subject!

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