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February 25, 2020
Beth Klebe

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Blew My Mind!

I was tuned into a Bible Study this morning. It is the same one that I listen to every morning. We started Genesis a couple months ago, which I love! Today we entered chapter 21; The Birth of Isaac. Anyways, one thing lead to another and the pastors started talking about prophecy and the types of prophecies. I have to share with you what they had to say. It just blew my mind! The connections between the Old and the New Testaments are asstonishing!

I am going to use an analogy when discussing prophecy or type of prophecy, so please bare with me while I try to explain this the best I can without a Master’s of Divinity degree!

*Antitype: a person or thing that is foreshadowed or represented by a type or symbol, especially a character or event, in the New Testament prefigured in the Old Testament

Think of a typewriter. Think of the little letter on the hammer of the typewriter. When someone types, the hammer flies down and leaves an imprint of the letter on the paper. If Isaac is the letter (type), then Jesus would be the print (antitype).

Moses = Law; does not enter the Promised Land

Promised Land: Even though Moses achieved getting his people out of Egypt, he failed to lead them into the Promised Land (he died at the age of 120 before he could reach it). Moses represents the Law. Moses did not reach or enter the Promised Land because the Law could not accomplish getting him there.

*the Law cannot get you into in Heaven, either.

Joshua = Jesus

Joshua is Moses’s servant. Joshua takes over Moses’s place after Moses dies in the desert. God put His words in Joshua’s mouth so Moses’s people would listen to him. Joshua succeeded in leading Moses’s (now Joshua’s), people into the Promised Land.

*the name Joshua is later spelled in the OT as Jeshua, which is the Hebrew term for assistant. Jeshua is also the same name or spelling for Jesus

Moses represents Law

Jesus represents Gospel

Promised Land represents Heaven

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