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About Me…

I started this site because I was told that, in order to be taken serious about being an author and a writer, I need to have my own website. So, here I go!

Hello, my name is Beth Klebe. I am split between the love for writing and the love for roasting coffee beans, but I always have the love for Christ in me!

I have been writing stories and books for about 40 years and I have been roasting green coffee beans for about three. I narrowed down my preferred coffee regions to select farms in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia.

I started Willow Creek Roasters about three years ago and sell mainly to friends, family and the local market. I am currently looking into expanding my business.

I would love to write short stories and roast coffee as my full time job description. But, alas, that cannot happen as long as I do not have an full time (or part time) income.

So, my husband and I live on a ranch and primarily raise commercial beef cattle. I also have been raising a small herd of Registered Red Angus for about 25 years.

We have four children and four grandchildren (FYI: I am not old enough to be a grandma, yet! However, Dan is old enough to be a grandpa ♥). Jesse is our oldest, and then Madison, Erin and Luke.

Jesse is 25, married to Mya and they have one daughter and one son. Madison is 23, married to Tanner (currently in the Seminary χΡ ) and they have two daughters. Erin is 19 and is currently attending college to become a paramedic and Luke is 10 yrs. old and is in hockey and football.

I was a Sunday School Teacher for most of my kids’ lives. Along with being the Church Youth Group Leader and an active member with our LWML group. I volunteer for Mission Central and a Christian Youth Camp, as well. I have a passion for helping others and volunteering where I can.

Dan taught me how to round up cattle, pick the best yearlings, and run equipment in the hay field. Ranching is a full time business. I love working with the cattle, but I do not like working in the field. Well okay, I can handle it for a few hours a day. I am especially busy in the spring, summer and fall. You could say that I am a part time-seasonal rancher with a love for writing and coffee. I am a Cowauthoroaster. But…you can call me Beth for short!

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