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April 12, 2019
Beth Klebe

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Am I A Christian?

Someone asked me, “Are you a Christian…”

I answered, “Yes.” Then they continued to ask how I became a Christian because they were interested in becoming one, too.

“How did I become a Christian?” I repeated. “Well…, I suppose I became a Christian when I was baptized.”

After I asked them if they were baptized, they could not tell me. Their parents never told them if they were or not. I think it was pretty safe bet that they were not, baptized. However, I told them that they should find out anyways. I figured that if they were serious enough to find out, then I would be serious enough to introduce them to my pastor.

When they got back to me, they informed me that they did not believe that they were baptized. They wanted to know how they could get baptized. Right there and then, I called my pastor and asked if he could meet with “Bill and Bob”.

It worked out perfect because my pastor was free to meet with them right away. So, they followed me to the church, I walked them in, introduced them to my pastor, and left them to discuss what it means to be Christian.

What is the right answer to this question. “When does a person become a Christian…?”

Did Bill and Bob become a Christian when they approached me about becoming one? Did they become a Christian when they agreed to meet with my pastor? Did they become a Christian when they walked through the church doors and shook Pastor’s hand? Or, do they become a Christian after they get baptized? I mean, they obviously believed in God, or they wouldn’t have told me that they wanted to become a Christian. So, does that mean they already were one? What makes a Christian? What do you need to go through in order to become one?

Good question… If anyone knows the answer, I would love to hear your thoughts!

March 20, 2019
Beth Klebe

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My Next Project

I started watching Sharper Iron every morning with Pastor Jonathan Fisk a few months ago. Sharper Iron is a live hour long Bible study that he hosts through KFUO Radio. He has a guest pastor on every day as they share their knowledge of the passage set aside for that day.

Anyways, my next project requires myself to do an in-depth study of Genesis 1 in the Bible. Fortunately for me, Pr. Fisk just happened to start Genesis 1 a few weeks ago!

I thought to myself, “Awesome! Now I do not have to bug my Pastor with questions about how heaven and earth were formed, how the first man and woman were made, how the devil deceived Adam and Eve, or why they were all kicked out of the Garden.”

I wasn’t too worried though, I knew all the answers to those questions. I did not foresee myself needing a lot of clarification on those subjects. I mean after all, I was a Preschool and Early Learning Sunday School Teacher, for like 15 years! What could be so hard about Genesis?

Ohhhhh myyyyy, I did NOT know how in-depth Genesis could be! I was blown away with what I did not know. I did not fully understand how things happened, why they had to happen, or the way they had to happen. I did not realize the extent of how the events in the Old Testament (including Genesis 1) connected with certain events in the New Testament! Wow!

Yah.., Sunday School knowledge was no match for this Seminary Level Bible Study! Do not get me wrong, I am not scared away by it, I am quite the opposite. I am excited and energized by the depth of the passages and stories in the Bible. I am fascinated by how the events link through time, from beginning to end!

However, my Pastor does not get off the hook from my never ending questions. I am more inquisitive now than ever! Lucky him.., with Lent starting, I am sure he just loves seeing me entering the church in the middle of the afternoon! I swear, sometimes I smell smoke lingering in the air after I walk through the doors. I suspect it is from Pastor Reimche’s shoes as he tears down the hallway in the opposite direction when he sees me coming! I am positive that I even heard a silent scream in the distance somewhere…

For all you church followers out there, I am sure you understand that Lent is one of the busiest times of the year Ministers. The last thing they need is a pesky church member digging up dirt on the details of Genesis.

Get it? …Dirt …Adam …Sin …Death… Anyways, consider yourselves forewarned, I think that I am hilariously “punny” at times!

March 11, 2019
Beth Klebe

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What is in a car…?

I would like to share a story that might be a little humorous for some and not so humorous for others. I will let you decide for yourself…

What is in a car? Well, there is a steering wheel, a gas pedal, a break pedal, a few seats and a shifter. And, Oh yea, there is a motor.

So, the adventure begins…

There once was a 16 year old daughter who was aloud to take her parents vehicle for a drive one summer night. Daughter climbs into car and sits in drivers seat. Daughter starts car like any normal human being. Next, she presses the brake pedal before shifting car into gear. So far, everything is going smoothly and without issues. I mean why would there be…? After all, the state issued daughter a drivers license, so she must be a good driver, right? Anyways, daughter finally presses gas pedal and slowly drives away.

Now there is proud mamma. Who views her sweet dumpling nothing short of perfection. Mamma waves frantically at her precious angel, as a tear rolls down her cheek…, her baby is growing up.

Then, there is dad. The proud owner of an impressive, jet black SUV, with chrome trim, mag wheels, and a decked out stereo. Dad stands silently. As he shutters. While watching his sweet, little, walking disaster drive off in his expensive investment…that has just 5 monthly installments left…until paid in full.

So, as the story goes, Daughter picks up friend from friend’s house. Daughter goes through usual driving steps with no problems.

Daughter and friend decide to drive out in the country for reasons unknown (they probably saw a fluffy bunny or something). Daughter and friend get bored with country-side.

Daughter decides to turn vehicle around on gravel road. Daughter misjudges distance between front bumper and ditch. Daughter drives in ditch. Daughter continues to drive in ditch. Vehicle comes to an abrupt stop. Daughter shifts in reverse. Vehicle doesn’t move. Daughter and friend get out of car to inspect the situation. They determine that the bumper is hung up on a large rock (which daughter described as a boulder).

Daughter and friend somehow (dad never figured this out) get vehicle unstuck. Daughter shifts car in drive. Disturbing noise rumbles loudly from motor. Daughter presses brake. Vehicle stops.

Daughter is not sure if she actually heard a disturbing noise. So, daughter shifts vehicle back into drive. After Daughter and friend turn down music they confirm that there is indeed a disturbing noise.

Dad receives call…

The rest is history.

March 10, 2019
Beth Klebe

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My Journey

Today is my 47th birthday. My family asked me what I wanted for my birthday. What could I ask for? I already have a hard working husband, four beautiful children, and three precious grandchildren. There wasn’t anything more that I could ask for. Although, I didn’t really have anything that I could call my own besides the clothes in my closet and the shoes on my feet. For awhile now, I have been wanting something that I could just call my own. It was time that I did something that was just for me. So, I decided to start my first blog.

Although, I am treading in uncharted territory, I am excited about starting this new chapter in my life! It might be a little nerve wracking, but that is what makes life go ’round… right?

So, let the adventures begin!